Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cincinnati Skyline

Skyline, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

My favorite sight when we approach Cincinnati from the Kentucky side is the vision of the skyline in twilight. Of course the car was moving and of course I was not driving. :) This is the best capture I could get, but even blurred, it has that pretty lit look about it.


clever[art] said...

I agree, nothing like a skyline. I'm rather partial to the one I live in, NYC, but San Fran is a great one too. I remember seeing Cincinnati's the first time. I thought, "That's beautiful. I had no idea." My first view was from the freeway and the city was surrounded by lush trees. It was quite a sight.

Margaret said...

That's actually one of my favorite skylines.

BTW, you were practically right next to my house! :)

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