Saturday, July 28, 2007

Neighborhood wedding

Neighborhood wedding, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

I saw them setting up this morning and then we all guessed that it would be a wedding and it was! So lovely. I hid among the trees to get my shot so that I wouldn't appear a neighborhood paparazzi. Just a lovely afternoon for their day. Yesterday, at the same time, we had torrential downpours to the point where I sat in the booth for the birthday dinner soaked head to toe and all I did was park a car and SPRINT to the restaurant.

Fortunately, clear skies today!

Liam's 13th birthday

Liam's 13th birthday, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Liam asked to see Hairspray on his birthday (Friday) so we did and then went out to dinner at Champs.

I offered to make him a cake earlier in the day. His reply: "I would rather get one of those free desserts at a restaurant." (I think he's been secretly wishing for that special treat complete with staff birthday song for awhile.) So here he is enjoying his sundae.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Speed demon

Speed demon, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Notice the terrifying rate at which we're traveling...

Jacob: Number three child learning to drive.

He paid me a great compliment yesterday. Jake had already been out driving twice with Jon. This was my first time in the car with him. As we drove, he said, "You're a lot quieter than Dad. He gives a constant stream of advice the whole time."

And then, he forgot to look as he did a u-turn in the parking lot and another car came flying into view. I yelled, "Brake!" Which he did. I caught my heart in my throat and swallowed it back down. We had incidents similar to that one enough more times that by the time I returned to teh driver's seat, I was ready for a bottle of wine!

By the end of the hour, he turned to me and said, "You're a lot tougher than Dad!"

My reply: "Well it's about time!" :D

IKEA takes shape


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Four sock doll friends

Four sock doll friends, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

In cleaning out Caitrin's room today, we spotted these little friends. Johannah, Caitrin and I had made them together in a kinder, gentler, less harried time...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Typo 3

Typo 3, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

And this my friends, is why I'm so behind in posting photos, responding to email, returning calls, washing my hair, eating, sleeping, having sex etc.

We're redesigning the website for my business (Brave Writer). The new site is up in a test format, but in the meantime I have to learn an entirely new content management system. I'm doing all this, naturally, while I'm handling a higher volume of orders than usual, while we are also installing a brand new learning system and have both Liam's 13th birthday to plan (Friday night) and Jon's 50th (August 9th).


Yoga mat

Yoga mat, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Monday: Hoping to cope with the stress I voluntarily put myself under for my business (Today's photo - above - gives you a glimpse...)

That's the YMCA in the background. I actually liked this shot a lot! It was something of a surprise as I took it while walking in a hurry to yoga because I was running late... as usual.

Liam's turn with the book

Liam's turn with the book, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Sunday... Three had finished and the next three are on their way.

Johannah's cookies

Johannah's cookies, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Saturday: I'm so behind on posting photos. I do keep taking them though. You'll see why if you look at today's pic. This photo is for Saturday while the ones beneath it represent Friday.

Here are the finished cookies: Dumbledore and Lily.
Dumbledore and Lily

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