Saturday, February 12, 2011


What a day. Jake and I skyped while he filled out his FAFSA in the library at OSU. Then later that day, my computer lost its cursor function which led to all kinds of malfunctions. Spent last evening at the Apple Genius Bar where my hard drive was wiped, system reinstalled. Came home to transfer back up from Time Capsule (which worked!) but this morning, iPhoto is all messed up. Can't upload photos, can't open existing ones. Good thing I took this screen capture yesterday! Why do computer problems mushroom?

Friday, February 11, 2011

96: Mastermind

My monthly women's business meeting (five of us who support each other in developing our businesses) meets here in the atrium of Cincinnati's largest church: Crossroads. Coffee (in the center where the man in black is) is hot, tasty and free all day, every day. Nothing is sold in Crossroads as they believe no money is to be exchanged in the house of God. This space has wi-fi and is open to the public. Pretty cool space.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

95: Ruffled

It's that kind of week.

 On my way to Ignite Cincinnati. New top from White House Black Market.

Monday, February 7, 2011

92: Wherein the man with a toupee reaches the highest note

What a serendipitous moment! My favorite soloist (for his sheer whistle falsetto that he inserts into every hymn and Gospel song) was at the mic as I arrived. Yes, he wears a toupee which does not cover his greying temples. Choir in white. Pastor (Cool Cat) Lynch is sitting on the edge of the stage. Today's sermon? Vegetarianism (text from Daniel). I have never heard his argument for vegetarianism (and I thought I had heard them all). Summed up: Eat living things (like potatoes and lima beans and apples that all grow when you plant them). Don't eat dead things like meat or animals that eat meat which rot when you put them in water or the ground. He rocks.

This is where I spend Sunday mornings: New Prospect Missionary Baptist. Took my cue from Becky to snap a shot. Glad I did! (Will get some outside views once the weather improves—the neighborhood deserves its own photo shoot.)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

91: Poetry, tea and me

Caitrin and her friend Laura made tea and scones, then watched "A Room with a View" and "Pride and Prejudice" after reading poetry to each other. I have a slew of photos I'll upload to Facebook (Caitrin is hilarious in most of them—this is a very tame picture of her, but it was the best composition overall).

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