Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Typo 3

Typo 3, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

And this my friends, is why I'm so behind in posting photos, responding to email, returning calls, washing my hair, eating, sleeping, having sex etc.

We're redesigning the website for my business (Brave Writer). The new site is up in a test format, but in the meantime I have to learn an entirely new content management system. I'm doing all this, naturally, while I'm handling a higher volume of orders than usual, while we are also installing a brand new learning system and have both Liam's 13th birthday to plan (Friday night) and Jon's 50th (August 9th).



Ampersand said...

wow, hang in there! you have been on quite the roller-coaster ride for a while now.

Susanne B. said...

You crazy woman, you! :)

So much for a restful summer, eh? But at least you got HP #7 read first. We must have our priorities.

Scrivener said...

Ain't it great when everything piles up on you at once? Good luck.

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