Sunday, August 5, 2007

Encore cafe

Encore cafe, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

First cell phone pic. Due to quality limits, I am working to create interest in content. :) Well, this may not qualify but we had fun eating out after Jon left town.

I'm also taking photos with, gasp, real film in my Very Nice Camera. It will need to be developed.

Lastly, we're buying Johannah's camera for college this weekend so I may be able to "use" it for the week. So we'll see...


LauraLiz said...

Did you know:

if you pushed the straw paper off so it is like an accordian, you can put a drop of liquid on it and it will unfurl slowly, looking like a worm?

Ampersand said...

That works to create quite a cool shot.

jayfish said...

have fun with all the crazy cameras!

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