Saturday, September 22, 2007

American Girl Tea

American Girl Tea, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Caitrin and I spent the night in Chicago celebrating her 11th birthday at the American Girl Place. It is the pilgrimage of all middle class girls her age and younger. Kit, Caitrin's doll pictured here, was one of two dolls we brought with us.

Here are two more shots. I have lots more that I'll put on flickr tomorrow.

Birthday girl with BFF's
AG Place


Ampersand said...

So wonderful. I love seeing you, Caitrin, and the two friends you brought with you.

Although J and I never made the pilgrimage, the dolls were a big part of her life. :)

Rachel said...

Been there, done that, got the overpriced T-shirt. ;-) Tea at AG is such a treat--glad you and Caitrin made the pilgrimage.

carrie said...

This is great. Hannah told me yesterday morning at breakfast that she dreamed that she woke up in Chicago and her first thoughts were, "Well, we're in Chicago so we have to go the an American Girl tea!!! I can't wait to show her these pictures. I think she was mind-linked to you all!

Colleen said...

Too fun! What a treat for both of you. My niece has been out to Chicago several times for surgeries ~ she's out there right now, in fact ~ and even though she's 19, she's paid a visit to the AG store. : )


I am going there with my mom for my11th birthday this year i think this will be the best birthday yet!!

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