Saturday, September 15, 2007

In case anyone is keeping track...

Last week, I began this year's co-op on Monday, packed for Johannah on Tuesday, celebrated Caitrin's 11th birthday on Wednesday, drove Johannah to OSU on Thursday, went to homecoming football game on Friday night and today, shopped for homecoming clothes as well as helping to host the homecoming dinner for the band members... all while I've been sick.

Needless to say, I'm exhausted. Hope you enjoyed the photos from these events.


my15minutes said...

I have enjoyed your photos. I hope Sunday is a day for you to rest up and start feeling better!

Colleen said...

I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your photos from the past week, Julie. The emotion behind all of them is palpable. It awes me, the camaraderie in your family. I think of how I went off to college ~ by myself and happy to have it that way ~ and mourn for what could have been. Your family is inspiring.

Hope you feel well again soon. I've been under the weather for weeks and I sympathize.

Carol said...

I hope you are better! What a week. You DO need a color coding!

It should cheer you though that Cinci kicked my OSU Beaver team's you know what in football. It was an embarassing loss!

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