Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Two bucks for tea

Two bucks for tea, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Skybus charges for drinks and food. Did you know that?

So you know you are over the top in your commitment to this project when....

-- you are flying on a plane and your plastic cup becomes an absorbing subject for photos such that you take fifteen shots in a row and your flight attendant finishes serving other customers before collecting her money because it would ruin the picture to give it to her right away

-- you look at all those views of the photos only to realize you forgot the cord that connects your computer to your camera and won't be able to share that wonderful shot of the plastic cup with a red stir stick and Land o Lakes half and half until the trip is over... and that realization spirals you into a depression

-- you plot to immediately resolve the problem by going to Target first thing and buying an entirely new camera just so you can use the cord for your original camera and post your photos as they occur instead of all at the end of the week.

For a husband who might read the wife's blog while she's away - this camera can be returned for cash at the end of the week, honey. :)


Billie said...

This is a very nice image . . . the lighting is wonderful. Very nice eye to capture this.

Sandy said...

Dedication to the craft ~you go girl!

And btw, it was totally worth it just to have captured those two beautiful points of light on the glass. Great composition and angle.

I'm sure the flight attendant and passengers thought you were a famous photographer or artist. ;-) You probably inspired them to see beauty in the simple things. Maybe *they* went right out to Target to get a new camera too!

Have a great time in CA. Look forward to the pics. Enjoy the ball game!

Ampersand said...

Great shot, and a very creative solution to your missing camera cord problem.

Scrivener said...

LOL. You are dedicated alright.

zerodoll said...

great capture!

MaryD said...

Hilarious. I had a similar moment of panic when I realized I had left my memory card at the house when we got into the city of Boston. That sinking feeling of depression is surely a sign of dedication? or is it addiction???

Colleen said...

Now, Julie, were you under the mistaken impression that forking over hundreds of dollars in airfare actually buys you even a morsel of food? These poor airlines are financially *struggling*, my friend! ;-)

Carol said...

Yes, definitely obsessed! I am finding I am getting a "second wind" toward the finish line after wanting the project to just be over in August and September. :)

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