Sunday, November 18, 2007

Buckeye dog and his boy

Buckeye dog and his boy, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

On the day of the big OSU v. U of M game, we got up early to go to a local Christmas parade (check out photo above). Prancing around our yard was this little guy sporting an OSU tee. He belongs to our neighbors. Liam scooped him up for the photo op of the day: Even the dogs root for Ohio State!

(Oh, and they won)


Anonymous said...

That's adorable.
Of course they won!
-Your child the Buckeye

Ampersand said...

This shot just makes me smile.

Susanne B. said...

My grandfather was an OSU man -- Class of 1939, I believe. Anyway, when the weather chased his poor health to sunny So Cal, he always stayed in the Buckeye spirit by shaving a big "O" on his poodle's back and hanging a buckeye on her collar.

My dad still sends for Holmes County Baby Swiss for us to consume on New Years Day -- a family tradition as long as I can remember....

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