Monday, November 26, 2007

In hats

In hats, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

It was 35 degrees downtown on Friday night after Thanksgiving, the traditional night that Cincinnati lights their big tree and Santa descends from the sky to the cheers of small children. We all waited over an hour for the anticipated lighting while getting frostbite. There were thousands shivering while inane speeches were offered by Banks, Companies and Government. A band played and local ice skaters skated (we could only see them on the big screen as it was too crowded).

The anti-climactic moment finally came once the crowd chanted "Light that tree!" The result: a not very well lit huge tree. Don't even want to post a photo of it. The whole experience: small town Cincinnati. :) We had to laugh (and then head to a restaurant to eat hot food and drink hot coffee).

I thought it amazing that Noah and Caitrin were still smiling about 45 minutes into the experience. :D

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Sandie said...

I think it is really cute that they have the same smile. A very pretty smile it is too :)

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