Sunday, January 13, 2008

Suffering pine

Suffering pine, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

I will probably post photos to this blog once in awhile. This one comes from a walk I took on January 7th with Liam and Caitrin. We had a horrible drought over the summer that killed many gorgeous white pines. We lost one that is over forty feet tall.

This pine is from the llama farm up the street. Something about the colors behind it redeemed it for me.


LauraLiz said...

Lovely photo! I took one today of brown needles, green needles, and one leaf with a bit of color. The drought here continues to be severe. I saw great photos today of "Lake" Lanier cleanup in Atlanta...lots of gooey mud! But the lake itself--a huge recreation area--is almost gone. And my beloved Piedmont Park has cancelled the big events it hosts each year because the grass can't stand it. First time since WW II. It's scary.

Glad you will continue to post some.

Colleen said...

Good to "see" you here, Julie! I'm still posting and am popping in to others' photo blogs now and then. I was getting tired of seeing Noah's friend. ;-D

I like this picture, though the thought of losing trees to drought isn't pleasant. Definitely not the reality here.

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