Thursday, November 18, 2010

11: Socialite Media Mavens

Business networking: where have you been all my life? Cell phone use during meetings encouraged, dressing up in clothes from Limited Express, free drinks, entrepreneurial girlfriends and twinkle lights!

Featured here at Ignite Cincinnati: Debba of Girlfriendology (blonde) and Michelle of C3: Creating Connections Consulting (manicure).


Debba / Girlfriendology said...

Could you do a little photoshop on me, please?! Love the Michelle description - manicure!

So fun to hang out with you twice in a week - love it! & you!

julieunplugged said...

Oh you! You are gorgeous. Stop with the photoshopping. And yes, so fun to hang out twice in a week!

Michelle said...

You could have said that Michelle is the headless one! Glad I actually had polish on. Love the post with this pic.

Daniel said...

We all could use a little photoshop.

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