Tuesday, November 23, 2010

16: Turn up the heat

Single parenting is hard enough. Single house-maintaining is even harder—for me anyway.

Yesterday, I raked five bags of leaves (that's after we have already done nearly 30 to date) and mowed the whole front and side yards. Caitrin finished mowing the back yard. I had the bathroom tile caulked and cleansed of mold by our handyman, and the Recker and Boerger guy came to drill, wire and install a new (ouch—expensive) green AC/Heating unit. I've got a new-to-us refurbished vacuum ready for today's tasks after the old one conked out last week. Company comes tomorrow!

It's a lot to manage alone, this house, all of its maintenance needs. But I'm doing it. I'm paying for it. I'm making a home. It felt good to end the day and know that all is as it should be... today.


Kansas Bob said...

Way to go Julie!

julieunplugged said...

Thanks Bob. You're always so encouraging!

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