Saturday, February 12, 2011


What a day. Jake and I skyped while he filled out his FAFSA in the library at OSU. Then later that day, my computer lost its cursor function which led to all kinds of malfunctions. Spent last evening at the Apple Genius Bar where my hard drive was wiped, system reinstalled. Came home to transfer back up from Time Capsule (which worked!) but this morning, iPhoto is all messed up. Can't upload photos, can't open existing ones. Good thing I took this screen capture yesterday! Why do computer problems mushroom?


LauraLiz said...

When they tell me computers can only do what we tell them to, I don't believe a word of it. I know for a fact mine stays awake at night plotting.

Nutrition Tailor said...

Mine does too! I have spent the past 4 hours working on data tables and wondering how my placing my cursor over the left border to drag my line somehow tells the computer to jump my cursor up 4 pages???? (Grrrr)

Noah said...

Along those same lines:



julieunplugged said...

Oh Noah, that is hilarious! And so true! Only in my case, I never tried to upgrade a thing and it went hay wire on all its own, followed by your scenario. Ha ha

jo(e) said...

I love such things as Skype, but I hate the headaches when my computer goes crazy. I have no patience. I usually end up resorting to an ineffective practice like banging on the keyboard randomly, until one of kids comes and rescues the computer.

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