Sunday, March 6, 2011

119: BB King's

Beale Street from the top end, at night! That's Debbie walking toward our nightlife: BB King's. We had the best time eating pulled pork, sweet potato puffs with caramel and I had chili! Great music: a 17 year old prodigy first, playing rockabilly, followed by a full band with horn section of blues, MJ, and jazz. Everyone danced, including one fabulous older gentleman, missing a few teeth, but corralled by two young 20-something hotties. Black, white, young, old—everyone danced together. Debbie and I were fast friends with some boys from Baylor, a grouping of attractive 20 somethings and a white truck driver en route from NJ to Armadillo. It was an incredibly satisfying end to a wonderful convention weekend.

Photo notes: We had to wait for the BB King's to "light all the way up" because it kept losing and adding letters. I'm so pleased that when I "got it," the "Memphis Music" sign was framed properly underneath. Thought I had missed it. Fun city!


Tracy P. said...

So fun!! You have some steady hands! Love the description too.

LauraLiz said...

What a fun photo to document a fun night!

Sandy said...

Love the city lights.

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