Monday, March 14, 2011

128: 13.1 is NOTHING to 17.2

My longest run to date: 17.2. Only 9 miles short of marathon length. I ran 10 alone and then Patrice joined me for the last 7.2. Our feet pay homage to that short race—the half marathon (13.1)—as I blow by with longer and longer distances each week. So exhilarating! Ya gotta try it!

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Carol said...

I think I might try! I have LOVED running every since I got my new shoes. What a difference. I am only up to about five miles at this point though. It does great things to you legs. I am running a 5K trail run this morning with a friend.


Thinking I need to concentrate on bike training from now until we leave for Sumatra though. Then, I want to do a lot of swimming for our November date in Mexico, chica!

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