Sunday, May 1, 2011

177: 26.2 Flying Pig 2011

The final stretch!

And... check! One marathon down. More to go (I'm addicted now!). 


Tracy P. said...

What a great accomplishment!! Congratulations!

Sandy said...

What an accomplishment is right! I knew there was no doubt what your picture of the day was going to be. :) Congratulations, Julie!

LauraLiz said...

Woo Hoo!!

Joanne Lincoln Maly-Lincoln Maly Marketing said...

This is awesome, Julie. I have walked the Half-Marathon and that felt 'huge'. Running 26.2... that really is 'huge.'

Our son finished his first marathon in New Jersey yesterday .... so I was on Erie cheering the Cinci Pig runners ... hoping someone was in NJ cheering for our son.

Here is son Joe's blog post about his experience of hitting "the wall" and working through it.

Congratulations again!
- Joanne Maly

Julie said...

Thank you so much! Distances teach us so much. I loved the training, even when there were days I hated it. The overall experience for me can be summed up in a motto of my mother's: Impress yourself every year. I have always wanted to "be a runner" and instead settled for 3 miles on a treadmill. Now I know I am and it's so much more satisfying than I imagined!

Loved your choice to support Pig runners while you hoped for your son to have supporters on his race. I really want to be a spectator too, some day. The cheering of the crowd makes a WORLD of difference on race day.

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