Thursday, April 5, 2007

April Lacrosse

Mom the fan, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

You would be correct if you were under the impression that lacrosse is played in spring because it's too cold to play or watch in winter. That must be why parents and fans sit under blankets and wear hats and coats in April. Today's high: 39 degrees.

Poor devoted sister-fan:
Cold fan


Overread said...

I love the look in your eyes!

Sandie said...

You and C have such expressive faces. Her expression made me smile and your eyes are very beautiful in this shot.

Scrivener said...

Nice self-portrait!

Ampersand said...

Love the eyes! And C's expression :).

And it's c-c-cold here too. From 80 to 30 degrees is just cruel! Although good for the gaming business on this spring break week for our county's schools.

jayfish said...

both are great shots but i love the expression on sister-fan's face.

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