Saturday, April 28, 2007

From=Fake Prom

From, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Have to post an entry for the homeschool prom (what they call the "fake" prom or "from") from last night. Jacob is dead center surrounded by girls. It was actually an incredibly nice event and there was nothing fake about it (except no one grinds and everyone knows how to swing dance.)


Scrivener said...

Do all homeschool kids know how to swing dance? I had no idea.

Sandie said...

A couple of those guys look tall for freshman :) Our local area homeschooler do an afternoon cruise and dance that has worked out really well. It is pretty popular too, almost 300 teens last year and growing each year.

my15minutes said...

When did Jacob get so thin? He's changed so much and I've missed it!

Ack! I sound like a faraway aunt, who would pinch his cheeks and say "My how you've grown!"

Happy From, Jacob!

julieunplugged said...

Yeah, Jacob is a twig! He is so cute I can't stand it. He looked like such a freshman, skinny and preppie. Such a cutie. I wish you could see them all. It is weird how much they change right after puberty.

Ampersand said...

Yay for a great FROM! They are such a happy group :).

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