Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day for the rest of us

Poetry teatime, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

The remaining homeschooled children began the year with cake, tea, and poetry. Even Rocky got into the action.

Vanilla cake


Ampersand said...

You can't go wrong with cake!

Carol said...

What a festive spread. I still want to go to your school.

I hope you have a fantastic year with these two! We don't start until next week.

Colleen said...

I'm with Carol ~ I wanna just pack up and come on over. I wish I believed in reincarnation so I could hope to be you in my next life. ;-D

Meghan said...

hmmmm...why wasn't the first day of class with you ever like this? all we ever got were cheez its! :) cake and was feeling the need to whine.

Dalissa 365 said...

It's satisfying to see this shot of your homeschool. It looks very peaceful and inviting... just as I have always imagined it to be.

(Thought I'd stop by and say "Hey" since I am finally home from what turned out to be a very, very eventful return trip)

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