Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bengal lights for all your flourescent lighting needs

Fantasy football draft day, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Especially on the day I drafted Carson Palmer to my first fantasy football team.

(However, even I, the fan-girl, found these expressions of devotion over the top.)


Sandy said...

I'm sure there's lots of people who buy them. :)

Aaah, isn't it nice to be back in football season? Dh and the boys went to the Jags pre-season game Thursday night. It was middle ds' first game - he was so excited! Dh got some of the "extra" company club seat tickets so they went in style.

I have no idea how fantasy football works. I'll have to google it and find out.

Overread said...

hehe - classay!

Sentient Marrow said...

Say it isn't so... I thought for sure you might be in the market for the red neon one which is so much classier than the chandelier style one. I could just see you lighting it in your window on game nights!

Scrivener said...

Yeah, just a tiny bit over the top.

Ampersand said...

Oh, I would get one of these if my team did not have such a crappy name. I really can't see REDSKINS in neon.

Totally not PC.

But you should get one -- it would go well with your color scheme. :)

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