Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mais Wii

Wii bowling, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Ha! I thought I deleted this photo, but I just found it! (It's actually the one I wanted for today.) So I'm posting two.

Jon bought a Wii as a total surprise. Tonight, we played for hours. I suck. But hey, it's the most fun I've had with the kids playing games in a long time. And, as Caitrin says, "It gets you so involved!"

This photo is Caitrin bowling.


Sandy said...

Bowling is one of our favorites. You'll have to try "power throws" in the training section of bowling - the pins keep increasing on each throw. I'm not a big video game fan but I do enjoy playing Wii - that tells you how much fun it is. Have you made a mii for each family member yet - my boys have made all kinds of characters. We howl when they show up in baseball.

Great pic, btw. Love the movement you captured.

jayfish said...

LOVE the wii. it's such a great console. you guys will have tons of fun with it, i'm sure!

i like the blur in this shot. good job!

Mike said...

Looks like fun! Funny name though; the Wii!!

my15minutes said...

Great title! I've never tried video games --call me Dinosaur-- because they just never appealed to me, but I think I'd like the Wii. Maybe when I'm done paying off my school bill I'll just surprise the family with a Wii...!

Ampersand said...


Sandie said...

Great action shot. I have never bought a game station of any kind either, but I am very tempted by the Wii.

LauraLiz said...

LOL! My first (only) experience with a Wii was as an eavesdropper on recent college graduates. It sounded pretty obscene...what a name!

SusansPlace said...

My sister brought down a Wii for the kids on Friday...we have it hooked up. So far they are trwing to figure it out. We will have to rent a "bowling" Wii.


WordyKaren said...

So cute of Caitrin. I miss you all. I just played all day with Miles so I know the fun of interacting with children all over again.

Love, Mom

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