Monday, September 3, 2007

She's got it going on

She's got it going on, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Last day at the YMCA pool until Memorial Day 2008. This yummy little hairstyle sparkled in and out of the water. I asked this little girl to pose and she happily obliged. Isn't she marvelous?

(Too much sunlight, but it was that kind of a day.)


Ianqui said...

How fun! (Of course, she's probably not going to be so excited about it when her mother eventually has to pull them all out and undo the braids.)

Mike said...

Wonderful colours!

LauraLiz said...

I'm cracking up! At the book festival this weekend, I saw a very similar hairstyle bouncing cheerfully ahead of me, and wished I could get a close-up of it!

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