Tuesday, February 22, 2011

107: Under my umbrella-ella-ella

Spent two parts of this rainy day in two different Paneras. First one: breakfast date with visiting-my-town sweetie. Second one: business meeting to proof awesome Brave Writer promotional piece for conventions. Rainy day ended with a flooded basement and bailing water. I prefer snow.

Photo comments: I like that you can see the droplets on the umbrella and I'm appreciative of the yellow Nissan that color-coordinated with the Panera sign, since I'm all about color.


LauraLiz said...

I really, really wish a Panera would materialize close to work! (Sorry about the basement...)

Tracy P. said...

Panera is a GREAT place to come in out of the rain. Nicely framed by the umbrella!

Kansas Bob said...

Sorry about the basement Julie! For bagels I prefer Einsteins but for other stuff I like Panera.

Nutrition Tailor said...

Oh dear, wet basements NOT fun. Really great photo though with the colors and the drops on the umbrella --and the reference to the song as well! :-)

Sandy said...

How wonderfully color coordinated ~ definitely the yellow but also the others as well. Just seeing the Panera sign makes me long for a orange cranberry muffin. Mmmm.

Sorry about the basement. Hope everything is drying out now.

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