Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jungle Jim's (which we affectionately call: Jungle Jaime's)

Jungle Jim's, originally uploaded by juliecinci.

Jungle Jim's is a store in Cincinnati that is entirely novel. Outside, there are statues of giraffes and hippos standing in water and there are jungle noises on loudspeakers. Inside, the store is 300,000 square feet (roughly four acres) and includes food stuffs from around the globe. I wanted to take more photos and then right after I snapped this one, remembered that photography inside the store is strictly verboten. So I quickly hid my camera and feel grateful to have snapped this one without remembering that contraindication.

Each time we go to JJ's, the kids pick a new vegetable or fruit to sample. Below you see Caitrin and Liam figuring out how to eat a "pomelo" (an absurdly large grapefruit from China). We "enjoyed" our pomelo during teatime (enjoyed being a relative term). Pretty sour.

Eating Pomello


Margaret said...

Wow, that pomelo sure does look like it has a thick rind! How fun, to try different fruits and veggies! Robbie always wants to do that, and sometimes we do--I'm not quite as big a fan.

I do like the candy section there, though! And the cheese from around the world!

Dancingirl365 said...

I would love to visit Jungle Jim's. I've heard about it for years from you, and now get a chance to see it! Btw, I tried a pomelo once recently and decided good old Texan ruby reds were the grapefruit for me!

SusansPlace said...

What a cool store! I have eyed those pomelos but never bought one. I did pick up plenty of juicy grapefruits.

Thanks for introducing "Jungle Jaime's"!


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